Jungle Chant Retreat – english

Jungle Chant Retreat

February 2023

Agua Azul & Palenque – Chiapas/Mexico

Kundalini Yoga, Music & Pure Nature

* all Infos below the Pics *

[efaccordion id=“01″][efitems title=“Retreatplan“ text=“Day 1 (optional)
Arriving in Palenque,
Accommodation at Yaxkin Hostel, Axkan Resort o.a.

Day 2
AM – Visit the Mayan ruins
in the afternoon – travel to Agua Azul
Retreat – beginning with sound journey

Day 3
8:00 am – Kundalini Yoga with live music
from 10:00 am – Exploring Agua Azul together
19:00 clock – alternating singing circles, sound travel and cocoa ceremonies!

Day 4 – 7
8:00 am – Kundalini Yoga with live music
from 10:00 am – time for you: relax, swim, hike, eat and enjoy!
19:00 clock – alternating singing circles, sound travel and cocoa ceremonies!

On one of the retreat days we will (if interested) make a trip to Misol-Ha, a waterfall with 35 m height. Also great for bathing and being as well as for discovering, because one can go a way into the rock behind the waterfall and from there even into the mountain into, into a approx. 20m deep cave, where a lake is and waterfalls, by the Rock through the mountain rushing.

Day 8
8:00 am – Kundalini Yoga with live music
from 10:00 am – time for you: relax, swim, hike, eat and enjoy!
19:00 – final concert!

Day 9
8:00 Uhr Kundalini Yoga
10:00 am Closing Ceremony
after that
Departure / onward journey or just stay …

Additionally you can book us in the free time for Individual sessions: Healing flow and sound treatments, sound treatments, several musical teachings (guitar, harmonium, bansuri)“]

[efitems title=“About Agua Azul“ text=“In the middle of the mountainous jungle of Chiapas about 1.5 hours drive away from the well-known Mayan ruins town of Palenque, is the small town of Agua Azul. Even on the drive through the mountains, intense turquoise blue flashes in the lush green landscape … as lonely as this area seems at first glance, it attracts people from all over the world every day to enjoy this unique beauty! On our last trip to Mexico, we moved back to this heavenly place and this time we realized that you can also stay here. So we stayed simple and the magic of this place put us in a new spell.

In total, the waterfalls of Agua Azul consist of over 500 individual cascades that reach a height of two to 30 meters. The high mineral content of the water gives the waterfall cascades a very intense glow, the color changes from pool to pool. During the dry season, colors range from azure blue to dark emerald green. But Agua Azul, in all its breathtaking beauty, is more than beautiful … it’s a tropical rainforest place that has a peaceful, friendly Mayan community that does not consume alcohol. It is a place where Mother Earth takes you in her lap in a very special way, where you can just drop all your barriers, where every moment becomes meditation, where you can re-encounter yourself and your life … the Feet on the earth, breathing, listening, swimming, bathing, making the colors and sounds work and just feel DASEIN and welcome you, simply because there is you and that alone is reason enough …“][efitems title=“Retreat & travel expenses“ text=“first bird price: 370 € * – limited number of tickets –
instant transfer
early bird price: 450 € * until ……..
regular price: 540 € * after ……..

* Excl. Accommodation, food, transport!

There are flights from about 600, – € to Cancun and Mexico City. Palenque, where we meet, also has a small new airport, which is accessible via Mexico City. Buses and collectivos are many and they travel frequently. From Palenque we take care of everything. „]

[efitems title=“Accommodation and supply“ text=“In Palenque there are cheap accommodations from Youthhostel YaxKin to the 4 star resort Axkan or Mayabell with pool and mariachi (traditional musician in costume with sombrero … very nice !!!
The price range per person is 10 – 50 € per night.We have had good experiences in all these accommodations and can therefore recommend them.With the help of the booking.com and airb’n’b apps, you can always find many accommodations and often offer deals at short notice.

Although Agua Azul is in the middle of Jungle but adjacent there is the small village with very friendly locals and families who cook very lovingly and simply but excellent and there are also a few shops and Internet.

We will live in small huts, which were newly built – all have mostly 2 double beds and bathroom – some with TV …Our price for a Cabaña is 400 Pesos (about 20 €) – Hektor, the owner, also offers optional breakfast – see fb-pace – click photo. Payment after reservation on the spot. We coordinate the room occupancy for you.“]
[efitems title=“Recommended route & inside information“ text=“We recommend the following route, which we have already taken almost twice almost identical.
Arrival: Cancun – there are direct flights, e.g. with Condor from Munich!

From here possible stations:
Puerto Morelos – relatively quiet fishing town, very pleasant

Pueblo Sacbe – off grid village near Playa del Carmen

Tulum – eco chic on the beach – but very busy – a stop – for longer stay expensive and very American and just relatively expensive, if you want to book spontaneously and the good tips have not received.

Mahahual – except for the cruise ships full of day tourists, a fantastic station to taste cheap Caribbean flair – the Ecoresort BlueKay in the north of the village is highly recommended. Cheap bargain accommodation via booking.com

Bacalar – to this place extends the 90 km long Laguna de siete colores – lagoon of 7 colors. Here you / woman then really, there is a great music and alternative scene and it is not so busy – in contrast to Tulum – still an insider tip. Especially recommended is the Café Mango – vegan & bio, centrally located overlooking the Laguna.

From there on the way to Palenque / Chiapas you come to some Mayan Ruinas, i. old Mayan ruin sites over …….

Once in Palenque – another world begins …… and you are almost there where we expect you. „]

[efitems title=“Accessibility and communication“ text=“Internet is available in many cafes and in accommodation – telephone cards for charging for mobile Internet in the Telcel shops in many places.“]

[efitems title=“Disclaimer“ text=“We need to point out that you travel on your own responsibility and we can not accept any liability for your journey. Mexico is classified by the Foreign Office as dangerous – that may also vote for many areas. We did not let that scare us off, but we also followed recommendations from friends and have now for the second time visited this wonderful country, which gives so much, and are only positively enriched by man and nature. Actually, we did not want to leave :-))“]









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